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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 15 04:59:30 EDT 2013

Am 13.04.2013 17:55, schrieb William Giokas:
> All,
> With the inclusion of the debug option in pacman 4.1.0, I think it makes
> sense to do something with this in the official repositories. I've
> sifted through some bug reports asking for inclusion of the debug
> symbols in a separate package or repository officially for testing
> purposes. With [extra] and [community] approaching 1.5 and 2 megabytes
> respectively, I think that adding debug symbols directly into these
> repositories would be a bad idea as it would probably add ~50% to those
> databases, and I've already seen some people complain about the sizes. 

This doesn't belong to the pacman mailing list (I'm forwarding to
arch-dev-public and arch-general), but I'll summarize what will probably
happen: Separate debug repositories won't happen - we can't even put
split packages into different repositories, so it is unlikely that we'll
support separate debug repositories - and I don't see the need. Even if
the db sizes double, we are still way under 5MB per db, which is a
reasonable size considering our users' bandwidth nowadays.

Allan stated that he'll add a glibc-debug package to core, and it is
also likely that KDE will get debug packages in extra (they have been
requested a few times).

Some links:


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