[arch-dev-public] mesa packaging, libGL handling

Andreas Radke andyrtr at archlinux.org
Tue Feb 19 14:34:36 EST 2013

> My current plan: merge libglapi mesa osmesa libgbm libgles libegl
> khrplatform-devel and a separate libgl with libGL.so and libglx.so
> conflicting with nvidia-utils. Not sure if we can do this without
> symlinks.
> I'd like to keep separate *-dri driver packages. Nobody needs drivers
> for other hardware.
> -Andy

I've updated the Mesa PKGBUILD in trunk. Please have a look if it now
covers all your wishes.

Mesa 9.1 release is expected for this Friday. We will need an updated
llvm-amdgpu-snapshot pkg to be able build all AMD drivers.

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