[arch-dev-public] Fix SVN commit mistakes

Evangelos Foutras evangelos at foutrelis.com
Thu Jan 3 08:16:44 EST 2013

On 3 January 2013 15:09, Alexander Rødseth <rodseth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> That doesn't make much sense to me. I mean, how have you been
>> maintaining packages so far without using communitypkg?
> Sorry, I was a bit too quick there. I have been using communitypkg all
> along. I confused it with extra-i686-build and extra-x86_64-build,
> which I do use for community packages.
> I have not used extrapkg at all, only communitypkg.

That does make more sense; thanks for clearing that up. :)

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