[arch-dev-public] Fix SVN commit mistakes

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Jan 3 16:11:09 EST 2013

On 04/01/13 00:42, Alexander Rødseth wrote:
> Hi again,
> 2013/1/3 Evangelos Foutras <evangelos at foutrelis.com>:
>> On 3 January 2013 15:09, Alexander Rødseth <rodseth at gmail.com> wrote:
>> That does make more sense; thanks for clearing that up. :)
> Thanks for clearing that up yourself. :)
> But, now I'm confused, because I never used "extrapkg" at all on those
> three packages that I maintain.
> I don't see any indication anywhere in the changelog for those three
> that "extrapkg" have been used either (if that's where it would show
> up).
> Allan, what is your source for that "extrapkg" has been used on these three?
> python-pymongo
> go
> erlang-cl

There were directories in the repos/ directory of SVN that should not be
there.  Dirrectories like extra-x86_64.    Either than or directories
name "x86_64" which implied using archrelease manually and wrong...

> And what could be the reason that someone would run extrapkg on these?


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