[arch-dev-public] Nymeria Migration Guide for extra

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Sun Jan 20 12:31:58 EST 2013


We finally migrated extra to nymeria, here's a quick check list how to
get things working again:

Host name: nymeria.archlinux.org
User name: same as archweb login name

RSA fingerprint: cd:26:69:1a:7c:7f:bd:bd:42:4f:d7:ee:27:37:27:b4
DSA fingerprint: 11:a3:e7:27:9c:6d:8f:42:be:7c:31:93:05:1e:ad:36
ECDSA fingerprint: 6e:8b:ce:e4:74:92:3d:c2:67:9a:2f:8f:66:8b:96:e1


 - dbscripts is in "/srv/repos/svn-pacakges/dbscripts" and there is a
symlink "/packages" for easier access. community also got "/community" now.

 - authorized ssh keys have been migrated, user names have been changed
   to match archweb login names.

 - fix your ~/.ssh/config so the user name is correct (only needed for
   running dbscripts)

 - your old home from gerolde is available in
/mnt/old_homes/gerolde/$user. Please only copy what you need and leave
or remove the rest. /mnt/old_homes will be erased in a few weeks/months.

 - update devtools to 20130120 or newer

 - run the following for all checkouts:
> svn relocate svn+ssh://gerolde.archlinux.org/srv/svn-packages svn+ssh://svn-packages@nymeria.archlinux.org/srv/repos/svn-packages/svn

 - do the same on pkgbuild.com if you use svn there

 - You might have to recreate some dirs in ~/staging. core, extra and
testing are already there.

 - If you add a new ssh key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys it can take up to
15 minutes before the key is added to the list of authorized keys for
the svn-{packages,community} user.

You will only have an account on nymeria if you were marked active in
archweb and in the dev group.

If something is broken please tell Pierre or me via mail or IRC.

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