[arch-dev-public] Nymeria Migration Guide for extra

Guillaume Alaux guillaume at alaux.net
Sun Jan 20 14:20:59 EST 2013

On 20 January 2013 18:31, Florian Pritz <bluewind at xinu.at> wrote:
> Hi,
> We finally migrated extra to nymeria, here's a quick check list how to
> get things working again:
> Host name: nymeria.archlinux.org
> User name: same as archweb login name
> RSA fingerprint: cd:26:69:1a:7c:7f:bd:bd:42:4f:d7:ee:27:37:27:b4
> DSA fingerprint: 11:a3:e7:27:9c:6d:8f:42:be:7c:31:93:05:1e:ad:36
> ECDSA fingerprint: 6e:8b:ce:e4:74:92:3d:c2:67:9a:2f:8f:66:8b:96:e1
> Migration:
>  - dbscripts is in "/srv/repos/svn-pacakges/dbscripts" and there is a
> symlink "/packages" for easier access. community also got "/community" now.
>  - authorized ssh keys have been migrated, user names have been changed
>    to match archweb login names.
>  - fix your ~/.ssh/config so the user name is correct (only needed for
>    running dbscripts)
>  - your old home from gerolde is available in
> /mnt/old_homes/gerolde/$user. Please only copy what you need and leave
> or remove the rest. /mnt/old_homes will be erased in a few weeks/months.
>  - update devtools to 20130120 or newer
>  - run the following for all checkouts:
>> svn relocate svn+ssh://gerolde.archlinux.org/srv/svn-packages svn+ssh://svn-packages@nymeria.archlinux.org/srv/repos/svn-packages/svn
>  - do the same on pkgbuild.com if you use svn there
>  - You might have to recreate some dirs in ~/staging. core, extra and
> testing are already there.
>  - If you add a new ssh key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys it can take up to
> 15 minutes before the key is added to the list of authorized keys for
> the svn-{packages,community} user.
> You will only have an account on nymeria if you were marked active in
> archweb and in the dev group.
> If something is broken please tell Pierre or me via mail or IRC.


Thanks for this.

Just for you to know we do not have read rights on /mnt/old_home/gerolde


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