[arch-dev-public] Toolchain changes

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Jan 23 18:57:31 EST 2013

I think I need to write a news announcement for this, even though
everything should go smoothly, it never does.

Update filesystem-2013.01-1 and glibc-2.17-2 together

Due to moving of the /lib symlink from the glibc package to the more
appropriate filesystem package, it is required to update glibc-2.12-2
and filesystem-2013.01-1 together.  This will happen automatically when
you run "pacman -Syu".   Remember, partial updates are not supported...

A potential issue with the upgrade on x86_64 is finding conflicting
files in /usr/lib64.  All Arch Linux packages that had files in this
directory have been updated, so update these individually first.  Any
AUR packages with files in this directory should be updated to install
them in /usr/lib.


The other option is to add a filesystem>=2013.01 dependency to glibc,
but that would result in some nasty circular dependencies due to deps in
the filesystem package.


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