[arch-dev-public] Drop VI from [core] (was Re: [arch-general] Winter Cleanup of [community])

Alexander Rødseth rodseth at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 14:09:06 EST 2013


As far as I can tell from FS#20778, e3 was not evaluated. e3 provides
Wordstar, Emacs, Pico, Vi and Nedit-like behavior, by using
differently named symbolic links to /usr/bin/e3.

It is unclear why the default editor _has to_ be a vi-replacement, as
that excludes editors such as joe, jed or various emacs-clones.
If ed really is "the golden UNIX standard", perhaps the default editor
doesn't have to be a vi-replacement at all?

If only fully fledged editors are good enough, why not include both
emacs and gvim. (or the "no X" equivalents, like emacs-nox).
Is there not room on the image? Is the bandwith cost too high? Are
they not useful? I think they are.

I know this isn't my decision, but my suggestion is to either go for
the most lightweight editor, e3, or go "all in" with both emacs and

  Alexander Rødseth
  xyproto / TU

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