[arch-dev-public] BIND10? No, thanks.

Jan de Groot jan at jgc.homeip.net
Fri Mar 22 09:13:58 EDT 2013

Jan de Groot schreef op 22.03.2013 13:47:
> FYI: I adopted dnsutils.
> Maybe you should look into what you're talking about a big more. You
> started a complete dig/nslookup -> drill migration based on the fact
> that you don't like the build system used in bind10 and the fact that
> it's written in C++/Python.
> I checked the bind10 source, it no longer includes dig and nslookup.
> The tests/system/README file specifies that it needs dig from BIND9 to
> run the testsuite...
> I'm fine with ditching BIND, I always hated that nameserver, but
> BIND10 and dnsutils are completely different pieces of software.

To go down a bit further on this:

Gajim is broken due to drill migration. Same for gnome-nettool, it uses 
the +options from dig, we missed that when doing the s/dig/drill/ patch 
on gnome-nettool.

IMHO we should just keep dnsutils and undo this migration. Replacing 
dig with drill all on our own without support from upstream projects or 
other distros makes life harder than you want.

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