[arch-dev-public] Artwork Team?

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Sat Oct 5 00:06:26 EDT 2013

[2013-10-05 05:17:18 +0200] Jan Alexander Steffens:
> I don't think these packages should be in the AUR, given that they
> just repackage content from our FTP for access via pacman.

There are tons of PKGBUILD on the AUR whose sole purpose is to package a
single script which is readily available on the Web. I see no problem
with that.

> Whenever someone uploads new artwork to our FTP, they should also
> update these packages. Otherwise, they are pretty much zero
> maintenance.

I understand that we are supposed to be the upstream on this, but since
no developer or trusted user has shown interest in maintaining these
packages, why not let users do it? Things like desktop manager themes
could be improved by the community. Ultimately if neither official Arch
packagers or users care, those packages could just be plain removed...


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