[arch-dev-public] drift between repo packages and ABS

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Wed Jan 22 14:14:12 EST 2014


I've noticed that there's a significant number of packages which show
drift between the repo package and the PKGBUILD in ABS. This occurs
because devs/TUs update the PKGBUILD in SVN and call archrelease (or one
of its derivatives such as extrapkg) without releasing the package to
the repos. I don't think we should be doing this. It's fine if you want
to update trunk, but the repo directories should always match the live
repo package.

Here's the list with their respective mismatches. While most of them are
simple metadata, there's definitely more severe cases where attributes
like dependencies have drifted. I won't be tracking down individual
people to fix these, but please do a pkgrel bump and fix these when you
get a chance.


purple-plugin-pack - url
hyphen-de - url
antlr2 - pkgdesc
kdeutils-kgpg - makedepends
msmtp - makedepends
chromium - makedepends
gcr - makedepends
libgnome-keyring - makedepends

libircclient - pkgdesc
bumblebee - optdepends
cgminer - makedepends
rt3562sta - depends
madman - depends
cgit - url
sisctrl - pkgdesc
packagekit-qt2 - pkgdesc
python2-packagekit - pkgdesc
gcompris-data - makedepends
osmo - makedepends
cksfv - url
wmname - url
perl-font-afm - url
xdelta3 - pkgdesc
rubinius - makedepends
pawm - url
blender - makedepends
kiwi - depends
liblightdm-qt4 - pkgdesc
liblightdm-qt5 - pkgdesc

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