[arch-dev-public] libevdev .so bump / clutter status

Andreas Radke andyrtr at archlinux.org
Sat Mar 8 04:31:21 EST 2014

I took over libevdev. It's somehow related to the Xorg packages I
maintain. But the only packages in our repo that can optionally depend
on it are clutter and packages depending in it.

I've put libevdev 1.0.x into staging to start the .so rebuild. I've
found that the old 1.16.x clutter won't build with this new libevdev

New clutter 1.17.x in gnome-unstable can make use of it but the
rebuild should be done in gnome-unstable. It could be an option to move
libevdev from staging to gnome-unstable.

Can the gnome and clutter maintainers please take care of this or point
me how to fix this situation?

Note: Gentoo seems to disable libevdev support in clutter, Fedora has
it enabled.

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