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Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Sat Mar 22 14:50:11 EDT 2014

Disclaimer: I have experience with multiple Hetzner boxes, their support
work flow and they have a forum which has a good amount of insider info
which I like a lot. Better the devil you know ...

On 22.03.2014 19:04, Sébastien Luttringer wrote:
> Offers from Online.net[1] and OVH[2] seems to be better.

Not sure which OVH offers you are talking about. Those you linked are at
best 16GiB RAM and and i5 and ofc no ecc ram.

Best offer I found with ecc is this[1] which is a whole lot more
expensive (note the "excl vat").

[1]: https://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers/enterprise/2014-SP-64.xml

> For the same price at Online.net[3] you have:
> - No traffic limitation (!!)

Not sure we care about that, we currently use ~1TiB on alderaan. Hetzner
has 20TiB, after that 2€/TiB. More than enough. Also they keep
increasing the limit (past few times it doubled or more) every now and then.

> - 400 Mbit/s garanteed BP

I tend to get Gbit on my box, that 200Mbit/s guarantee just means that
if you don't get 200Mbit/s because rack neighbours use too much you will
be relocated to a rack with better uplink.

> - Arbor AntiDDOS protection

Hetzner is working on DDoS protection afaik.

> - 2x3TB

Also while we are comparing things:

The cpu is weaker (e3-1270v3 vs e3-1240v3), but we'd get HW raid (which
is probably more trouble than it's worth with a 2 disk system) and the
choice between 600gb 10k sas, 120gb ssd or 3tb sata disks.

Alderaan currently uses ~45GiB of disk space.

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