[arch-dev-public] perf-trace missing due to a dependency on libaudit

Connor Behan connor.behan at gmail.com
Wed May 7 05:28:49 EDT 2014

On 07/05/14 01:07 AM, Daniel Micay wrote:
> Sadly, the `perf trace` command has a dependency on libaudit for a few
> convenience functions. I'm curious about what people feel the best
> approach would be here... adding back audit to [community] is ugly since
> it's not going to work, but building it and statically linking it in the
> linux-tools package is overly complex.
> The lesser evil seems to be adding only a libaudit package... but it's
> still not going to work if someone tries to use it for what it's
> intended to do. I'll probably go with this if there's no saner idea.
Why not enable audit in your linux-grsec package? Then you can make
linux-grsec an optional dependency of the audit userspace tools for
people who want to use more than just the convenience functions. I still
have an occasional use for audit and the overhead it adds to the kernel
is negligible compared to grsecurity itself.

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