[arch-dev-public] Moving arduino into [community] important notes

NicoHood archlinux at nicohood.de
Sat Nov 26 17:01:28 UTC 2016

Hey guys,
I've got a few concerns when moving arduino into community. Lately we
could solve most bugs, but those require some manual installation steps
that I want to explain here, and those possibly need additional
information on the front page:

Some (very old) arduino installations (somehow) left over the empty path
/usr/share/arduino/hardware/avr which will cause a crash with the new
arduino installation:
/usr/share/arduino/hardware/arduino/avr/platform.txt (No such file or

-> To resolve this issue you need to remove arduino and manually delete
the folder. You might also want to check if there are any other folder
zombies inside the arduino path. If this still does not help it might
also be an idea to delete (backup before) ~/.arduino15

The 2nd issue is when people try to upgrade from an older version of
arduino that provided arduino-builder. It will fail to install as the
new version says "oh, arduino-builder is already installed". It then
tries to remove arduino and the arduino-builder dependency is not
satisfied anymore. This only affects a small number of versions, but
still raise up on AUR. I am not sure if this got fixed in pacman by now.
-> To resolve this issue you need to remove arduino first and then
reinstall it.

The version issue that some of you got seems to be only the case when
you use a 3rd party tool like arturo. It got fixed now.

Arduino now uses the upstream avr-gcc within the optional package
arduino-avr-core which should be installed if you want to use avr
boards. You can still use their older avr-gcc 4.9, see the wiki for more

Since such many upgrade problems raised up, I think it is highly
recommended to sum those up in a short news at archlinux.org and then
push arduino to community. While people will likely have to remove their
existing installation, I think it would also make sense to get rid of
the current epoche value at the same time when it moves to community. As
an alternative we could also rename arduino to arduino-ide and add a
replace into the PKGBUILD.

I am also working on getting the build system fix into upstream and also
to sign their upstream sources. Thanks a lot for all the feedback so far
from AUR and IRC!

To sum up, the news should contain:
* Remove arduino manually first
* Delete /usr/share/arduino/hardware/avr if it still exists
* check for other folder zombies in /usr/share/arduino
* Install arduino
* Consider to install the new optional deps arduino-avr-core and
* Consider to also to start with a clean ~/.arduino15 folder if any
other problem occurs
* Read the wiki about further details or contact me personally

Any comments on that?

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