[arch-dev-public] Bringing Multipath TCP kernel (linux-mptcp) to [community]

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Wed Jun 7 18:55:15 UTC 2017

[2017-06-06 22:58:01 +0200] Baptiste Jonglez:
> Since a few years, I maintain a variant of the linux kernel in the AUR [1]
> that adds support for Multipath TCP [2].  The most recent version is based
> on linux 4.4, and the package I maintain tries to follow the "linux"
> package from [core] as much as possible.
> There is no short- or medium-term perspective to merge Multipath TCP
> upstream, so I would like to bring this package to [community].  There are
> already several kernel variants in the official repos, but I would like to
> get some feedback before adding another one.

We already have an official linux package in [core] which is very well
maintained and works great for 99% of our users, so I'd really like if
you tried to explain why we need another variant and why the AUR is not
suitable for it anymore.

As you're aware, we've had another package (linux-grsec) with a user
base certainly much larger than linux-multipath come and go because
upstream went another direction and nobody had the resources to fork it.
I'd really like our packages to enjoy some level of support and not just
go to [community] "because they can" and get dropped just as fast. What
could you tell us about linux-multipath on that front?


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