[arch-dev-public] Dropping KDE4 libs

Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 09:51:30 UTC 2018

Le 24/08/2018 à 11:10, Antonio Rojas via arch-dev-public a écrit :

> fcitx-qt4
> ibus-qt

The first one will be useless once Qt4 apps are gone, the second one can
be rebuild without Qt4 support when that happens too.

> keepassx
> keepassx2

I think both should be dropped as replaced by keepassxc. Upstream is
quite dead (well keepassx is even the old 0.4.x branch, so definitively
dead), if you really want to keep keepassx2 then the master branch has
Qt5 support.

> scribus

The develop branch (1.5.x), available as scribus-devel in the AUR (and
maintained by myself), is Qt5. It has been in development for the past 3
years already, and still no ETA AFAIK… I’ve been using it instead of
scribus from repo for the past 2 years with no issue, but my use case is
limited w.r.t. all the possibilities this software offers. Last time I
asked about even packaging the -devel version in [community], fellow TUs
were not fond of the idea. So about replacing the repo version with it…


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