[arch-dev-public] PSA: third-party gems have been split from 'ruby' package

Anatol Pomozov anatol.pomozov at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 00:36:32 UTC 2018

Hello folks

There been a packaging issue with 'ruby' package that annoyed me for a
while. The problem comes from the fact that ruby-lang.org source
tarballs contain ruby sources itself *and* some third party packages
from rubygems.org. The third-party gems shipped by 'ruby' tarball are:
minitest, net-telnet, did_you_mean, power_assert, rake, test-unit,
xmlrpc, rdoc. Currently we repack these gems and ship it as a part of
ruby Arch package.

Because gems are bundled with ruby package we have no way to update
gems separately. All we can do is to wait until ruby developers update
their bundle and release it.

The plan is to split these gems from 'ruby' package and install it
independently from what ruby developers bundle. Upcoming ruby changes
do that - ruby-2.5.0-4 will not include any of the third-party gems
mentioned above.

Two popular packages - rake and rdoc will get Arch packages (ruby-rake
and ruby-rdoc respectively). Other gems need to be installed either
from AUR or from gem.

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