[arch-dev-public] PSA: third-party gems have been split from 'ruby' package

Christian Rebischke Chris.Rebischke at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 29 17:36:31 UTC 2018

On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 04:36:32PM -0800, Public mailing list for Arch Linux development wrote:
> Hello folks
> There been a packaging issue with 'ruby' package that annoyed me for a
> while. The problem comes from the fact that ruby-lang.org source
> tarballs contain ruby sources itself *and* some third party packages
> from rubygems.org. The third-party gems shipped by 'ruby' tarball are:
> minitest, net-telnet, did_you_mean, power_assert, rake, test-unit,
> xmlrpc, rdoc. Currently we repack these gems and ship it as a part of
> ruby Arch package.
> Because gems are bundled with ruby package we have no way to update
> gems separately. All we can do is to wait until ruby developers update
> their bundle and release it.
> The plan is to split these gems from 'ruby' package and install it
> independently from what ruby developers bundle. Upcoming ruby changes
> do that - ruby-2.5.0-4 will not include any of the third-party gems
> mentioned above.
> Two popular packages - rake and rdoc will get Arch packages (ruby-rake
> and ruby-rdoc respectively). Other gems need to be installed either
> from AUR or from gem.

Hello Anatol,
Good decision! I have rebuild asciidoctor with ruby-rdoc as
makedependency. Shall I move it to testing and you move all packages in
one turn over to the stable repositories? Will you create a todo for it?

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