[arch-dev-public] New dbscripts maintainer (aka: Making dbscripts great again!)

Eli Schwartz eschwartz at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 29 20:05:32 UTC 2018

On 01/29/2018 02:19 PM, Pierre Schmitz wrote:
> Hi all. I feel bad about this. I was not transparent at all about my
> plans and got lost in a pile of projects which are only slowly
> progressing. I started improving dbscripts to make it easier to work
> with; which led to creating a Docker base image to be able to test the
> latter. Most of my free time then went into a huge refactoring of
> archlinux.de to finally extract and improve on the pkgstats backend.
> Now I am drowning in hundreds of arch related emails and "things I
> should do".

No problem, life gets to all of us! Thanks for getting back to us about
what happened so we we don't have lingering feelings of guilt like we
stole it out from under you, though. :)

> I would welcome help on dbscripts a lot. I had a look at those git
> attempts in the past but in the end they were not easily mergable.
> Maybe a few suggestions:
> * Let's use github for Pull Requests

I'm okay with that, TBH I don't think we got a lot of dbscripts email on
[arch-projects] but I am okay with tracking patches from either location.

> * Make sure PRs are small enough to be reviewable in let's say within an hour

Well, I think patchsets however they come should probably aspire to this. :D

> * New code needs to be tested (Travis build needs to pass)
> * Code Coverage should be as close to 100% as possible and useful

I will see what I can do, bats looks simpler than I thought at first anyway.

> If we prefer a complete rewrite (e.g. when moving from Bash to e.g.
> Go) where small pull requests are not possible and we need to start
> from scratch, I would still strongly recommend my suggestions above;
> esp. those about testing.

I see no reason to suddenly rewrite everything in a new programming
language, surely dbscripts isn't *that* bad! :D

I'm not sure we should be replacing parts of our infra with something
that isn't a scripted language, but that may be a personal opinion....
Moreover, if the goal is to encourage contributions then bash is a
pretty good language for that.

Eli Schwartz
Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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