[arch-dev-public] Proposal to remove libglade

Balló György ballogyor at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 08:58:19 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Similar to my previous mail, I orphaned some of my packages which have
a dependency on libglade. Libglade is deprecated in favor of GtkBuilder
since 2009, [1] and does not receive any fixes since then. I would
propose to remove it from the official repositories.

The following packages were ported from libglade to GtkBuilder, but not
released yet:
- deluge (via pygtk.glade, only the GUI part)
- gespeaker (via pygtk.glade)
- obconf
- ogmrip

The following packages were not ported yet, and most of them have
inactive upstream:
- agave (via libglademm)
- bless (via glade-sharp)
- foxtrotgps
- fyre
- gnome-hearts
- gnome-schedule (via pygtk.glade)
- gsql
- keepnote (via pygtk.glade)
- labyrinth (via pygtk.glade)
- lat (via glade-sharp)
- mono-tools (via glade-sharp)
- muine (via glade-sharp)
- netactview
- obmenu (via pygtk.glade)
- planner
- pympd (via pygtk.glade)
- python2-matplotlib (via pygtk.glade, only the GTKAgg and GTKCairo
backends, which were already removed from git master)
- rox-lib (via pygtk.glade)
- scribes (via pygtk.glade)
- smuxi (via glade-sharp)
- tuna (via pygtk.glade, only the GUI part)
- vmoviedb
- xournal (via libgnomecanvas)
- xscreensaver (only the xscreensaver-demo GUI)

After the above packages were fixed or removed, libglade support can be
disabled in the following packages:
- gtk-sharp-2
- pygtk

After that libglade and related packages can be removed:
- glade-perl
- gnet
- lib32-libglade
- libart-lgpl
- libglade
- libglademm
- libgnomecanvas

Any objections?


György Balló
Trusted User
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