[arch-dev-public] Speaking of OCaml: willing to orphan merlin + deps

Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 10:17:27 UTC 2019

Hi there,

I’m riding on the train of OCaml e-mails to announce that I’m going to
orphan merlin (OCaml smart auto-completion for emacs/vim) and its
dependency tree as I’m no longer using any of those and don’t expect to
use them again:

– cppo
– dune
– menhir
– merlin
– ocaml-biniou
– ocaml-easy-format
– ocaml-yojson

Note that merlin was recently upgraded to 3.3.2 by Jürgen (thanks for
that), but rather than using Opam the new dependency should be added to
the repo if someone is willing to maintain this stack. I had started
with menhir, but some other were required IIRC.

Please let me know if you are interested, adopt them and I’ll disown
right after. Else, I’ll drop all of them to the AUR in ~1 week.


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