[arch-dev-public] A contrib repository

Santiago Torres-Arias santiago at archlinux.org
Thu Mar 14 14:53:24 UTC 2019

> > This would hopefully give us a space where we can experiment with new maintainer
> > tools in a collaborative manner. I'd love to hear some feedback or thoughs on
> > this!
> I think it's a great idea but it needs a solid maintainer. Without a
> clear leader it's (probably) going to be a free for all and we'll drown
> under bikeshedding issues within a month. But of course that doesn't
> mean we'd lose anything trying anyhow.

+1 here. Without a solid maintainer keeping things in check and helping
order things around (e.g., how are these scripts going to be
distributed) things will be somewhat hard to be useful.

> Among other things, I'd personally like to see the repo maintainer
> enforce sensible and consistent naming for the tools, preferring longer,
> explicit names over shorter ones. For instance, I'm sure many of us have
> one-letter scripts and if we contribute them all there's bound to be
> collisions along with the problem of not knowing at first glance what
> each tool does. We could maintain a bash alias file containing
> everyone's favorite nickname for each tool.

I agree with this. I'd also like to add that it'd be nice to have (even
if just philosophically) the goal of having contrib/ scripts being
promoted to devtools or somewhere else.

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