[arch-dev-public] Restricting ability to post news items

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Mon Jan 6 20:46:10 UTC 2020

[2020-01-06 16:48:48 -0300] Giancarlo Razzolini:
> I'm moving this to staff@, please stop replying on a-d-p. Doing dirty laundry
> in public is not necessary.

And I'm moving this back to arch-dev-public because most staff aren't
concerned with posting news items. Besides, there's nothing secret about
this and I don't believe in hiding policy discussions out of the public

> For making that argument, you must first demonstrate that the news *wasn't*
> used responsibly or there was any abuse of any kind.

My reply was only to your suggestion that "everything should be
written down". For clarity, let me recall how the conversation went:

- Allan: Do we really need to write down everything?
- Giancarlo: Yes, we do.
- Me: No, we don't.

As you can see I expressed no opinion on whether the latest news item
was responsible. But since you ask, I think that question is moot since
it's already been posted. However I deeply deplore that it was not
discussed beforehand on arch-dev-public first.

> Also, you're implying that this particular news entry wasn't thought through,
> when in fact I can preset mounts of evidence to the contrary. Just a look at the
> logs for #archlinux-tu for the 3th and 4th will tell you that.

I don't have access to #archlinux-tu. Even if I did, I would not have
been constantly monitoring the channel during the 3th and the 4th.

What I don't understand is why you don't advocate the use of a medium of
communication that encompasses both devs and TUs and allows people in
different timezones or with different schedules to contribute.

> If we are going to start *punishing* people, you damn right we *need*
> guidelines for it.

I strongly disagree. We don't need rules and we don't need punishments.
We just entrust staff members with powers and expect them to use said
powers responsibly. If they don't, we discuss on a case-by-case basis
whether to strip them of the power they abused.


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