[arch-dev-public] repos.archlinux.org has been migrated to a new server

Jelle van der Waa jelle at vdwaa.nl
Thu Jun 25 22:01:30 UTC 2020

On 25/06/2020 23:36, Jelle van der Waa wrote:
> Hi all,
> repos.archlinux.org, svn.archlinux.org and rsync.archlinux.org are now
> on a new server which has plenty of diskspace for us to continue
> packaging for a while (16T free).

It seems the script which converts svn to git is broken after the
migration. As in the git status won't be updated but there are changes
in svn.

P.S. I can't figure how to fix it, foutrelis can you take a look?


Jelle van der Waa

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