[arch-dev-public] repos.archlinux.org has been migrated to a new server

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Fri Jun 26 00:50:11 UTC 2020

Hi Jelle,

[2020-06-25 23:36:15 +0200] Jelle van der Waa:
> repos.archlinux.org, svn.archlinux.org and rsync.archlinux.org are now
> on a new server which has plenty of diskspace for us to continue
> packaging for a while (16T free).

On the old host I had a systemd user service to populate this:


And also other admittedly less important things in my home directory
that I'd still like to see moved to the new host. Could you make a
tarball of my homedir on the old host and/or tell me how to access it?


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