[arch-dev-public] Changes to the Code of Conduct

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Jul 14 03:58:07 UTC 2021

On 13/7/21 11:42 pm, David Runge via arch-dev-public wrote:
> Dear all,
> Jonas and I have been working on changes to our Code of Conduct, which
> are represented in the following merge request:
> https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/service-agreements/-/merge_requests/11
> While most changes are based on e.g. merging sections or moving topics
> to separate documents to make the text more concise and allow easier
> changes in the future, there are also a few changes and omissions
> explained in more detail in the respective commits of the merge request.

Hi David,

Thanks for taking the lead on this.  It is important our Code of Conduct
is up to standard.

I just read the document as it stands after your proposed changes. My
conclusion was it is too long, often explained points in too much
detail, and was too long!

Compare with Codes of Conduct from other distros.

Debian: https://www.debian.org/code_of_conduct
Gentoo: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Project:Council/Code_of_conduct
Fedora: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/project/code-of-conduct/
Suse: https://suse.com/betaprogram/codeofconduct/

I opened all those, and read the lot in about the same time as reading
the current draft of the Arch Code of Conduct.  Note the short and
effective sentences.

Fedora is a variant of the Contributor Covenant, also used by the Linux

The Ubuntu code of Conduct is rather long like ours.  But appears less
of a community CoC.

I highly recommend taking a scalpel to the current text.  I'm happy to
take a pass if you would like my suggestions in more solid format.


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