[arch-dev-public] Update to asciidoc 10.x

Caleb Maclennan caleb at alerque.com
Mon Jan 17 08:35:35 UTC 2022

The update from asciidoc 9.x to 10.x has been a long standing fiasco. 
The initial release had quite a few bugs that completely blocked our 
usage and (as is the case for many Python projects) packaging has gotten 
harder as upstream tooling is less distro friendly.

After an upstream minor release and several patch releases most of the 
major issues are resolved and I've cobbled together packaging that 
works. It has been in the [community-testing] repository for a while now 
and has a couple signoffs. I've also mentioned some of the differences 
in IRC, but I thought I would give a warning here — I'm about to move it 
to [community].

Many Arch packages have asciidoc as a makedepends=(). Most of these do 
not require it as a library and thus the API changes in 10.x will not be 
relevant, but they do use the CLI script for converting documentation to 
man pages. One of the major changes in 10.x relevant to other Arch 
packages is that these CLI scripts /usr/bin/{a2x,asciidoc}.py are no 
longer distributed with the .py extension, they are just plain 
/usr/bin/{a2x,asciidoc}. Many upstream projects have adopted this 
already, but there may be some that have not and will need patching.

If you do run into trouble building anything, that is the most likely 
culprit and the first thing to search for and patch out of upstream 


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