[arch-dev-public] Starting x86_64_v3 port

Andreas Radke andyrtr at archlinux.org
Sun Jan 30 11:02:46 UTC 2022

1) -1 for bringing new packagers onboard just due to the lack of
automatic rebuilds.

2) For me 2 of my 3 systems are only x86-64-v2 so I won't be able to
test anything seriously. So I'm out of the game if v3 is the new
default. Both systems are fast enough for many more years. So there's
no plan to replace them.

3) Anything that just needs simple rebuilds should be done in 2022
without any manpower. What's the plan with the new v3 port if I build
only v1 packages? Will v3 stay at the old version or will the new v1
package also be pushed to v3 just lacking the better optimization until
some new v3 rebuild brings it back? This way v3 would go forth and back
all the time and should be avoided. But falling behind v1 for some time
is also not desired.

4) Is anybody actually running ALHP or working on it?

[5) Why don't we care about ARM and OpenRISC at all? Aren't we riding
pretty dead horses here just for very minor improvements?]

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