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Thore Bödecker me at foxxx0.de
Wed Sep 12 08:07:59 UTC 2018

On 12.09.18 - 09:50, Florian Pritz via arch-devops wrote:
> I don't know if we really want or need mirrorbrain. It's a great fit for
> projects with few big files which are downloaded by many people upon
> a new release. If we were to use mirrorbrain, the pacman mirror list
> would only contain the redirector URL, correct? That would then mean
> that pacman asks the redirector for each individual package which I
> think generates way too much unnecessary load compared to our current
> system. Also, right now people can update without having to connect to a
> central server and I don't like the idea of adding a SPOF for something
> that already works rather well.
> Mirrorbrain sounds fine for our ISOs, but I don't know if those get
> enough downloads (via HTTP) to warrant setting it up.
> Florian

I suppose you could have multiple mirrorbrain hosts with synced
config/database (pgsql streaming replication works quite well) and
then there could be multiple entries in the client's mirrorlist again.
Otherwise it could still be the same FQDN but as a DNS RR with
multiple records and a somewhat low TTL of 300s-ish?

The project sounds quite nice and well suited for the job and should
be able to centralize/unify or current situation, but I think we have
some other things with a higher priority than changing/optimizing
something that is working reasonably well currently.


Thore Bödecker

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