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> If we were to use mirrorbrain, the pacman mirror list
> would only contain the redirector URL, correct?

I wouldn't expect we would replace the content of mirrorlist with the
single URL to mirrorbrain; just add it as the top option under "Worldwide",
perhaps with a short description of it's purpose. At the very most it could
be uncommented as the default option, but I think leaving everything
commented so the user can select would still be best.

> That would then mean
> that pacman asks the redirector for each individual package which I
> think generates way too much unnecessary load compared to our current
> system.

IME, the load isn't particularly bad since it's primary work is just
handing out 301 redirects based on read-only DB queries. I obviously
haven't benchmarked, but if I had to estimate then I would say the BBS
produces far more load considering it's CRUD DB operations and page
generation functions. The DB-writing requirements are non-interactive and
can be run as low-priority to minimize impact.
According to [0], "handling all downloads of OpenOffice.org, a busy site,
could be called *boring*. A simple 512MB box can do this. Handling all
openSUSE.org traffic (20-40 millions hits per day) is still relaxed
(commodity hardware, server load: zero point something)."

[0] http://mirrorbrain.org/
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