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Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Tue Feb 12 17:28:17 UTC 2019

On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 11:33:42AM +0100, Jelle van der Waa <jelle at vdwaa.nl> wrote:
> So today, we discussed it again on IRC and I'm not sure what we want to
> do. Move all small services to a VPS? If we do that, do we want to move
> to a separate DB hosted on a dedicated server (and what about HA).

I'd say that we should keep the databases on the same systems as the
services for now. That way, if a machine has problems or goes down, it
only affects the services of that machine. It also limits potential load
issues to fewer services. Note that I'm not opposed to having multiple
services on a single machine in cases where it makes sense.

> That would sum up: (2 or 4x EX42?)

Please only look at machines with ECC memory. I don't want another
machine with bad memory like alderaan (I think?). We had a few weird
database issues with that box before we figured our what it was. Not a
pleasant experience.

> VPS plan:
> CX11 (~3-4?):
> - phrik
> - security.archlinux.org
> - grafana
> - quassel
> - zabbix
> - kanboard
> - archweb

 + patchwork

> separate CX21:
> - forum
> - bugtracker
> - wiki
> - matrix?

Not sure if we can fit matrix on 40gb disk space, but apart from that,
the list looks fine.

Missing from the list are git and mailman. Git can survive with a CX11.
The mailman directory is around 18GB. Of that 12GB are the arch-commits
archive. Do we need that or can we drop it? Nearly everything from that
list is in the svn log anyways. Without the arch-commits archive, a CX11
would be enough. Otherwise we need another CX21.

So the total tally would be (with some margin for error and rounded
5 CX11 (your list + git), 2.50€ each, total 12.5€
4 CX21 (your list + mailman), 5€ each, total 20€
2 CX31 (matrix and AUR), 9€ each, total 18€
1 CX41 (see below), 16€
grand total = 66.5€ (rounded)

Did we forget anything? If not, that's a lot cheaper than what we have
right now while still distributing services across multiple machines.
Sounds good to me.

> Dedicated server: (AX60?)
> - aur

Looking at resource usage on luna, that's a total overkill. I'd say a
CX41 should be sufficient.

That said, I do wonder why mysql uses so much CPU. Pretty much
everything of luna's mysql cpu usage comes from the AUR. bbs is the next
big thing with about 0.7-2%. The AUR has between 60 and 140. It might be
possible to optimize that a bit more.

Once we have a roughly complete list, I'd suggest that we talk to Aaron
about the funds and then we start by migrating the services that are
currently on luna/soyuz to their respective new homes. Afterwards we
deal with apollo based services.

PS: I just noticed that hetzner also offers dedicated block storage that
can be attached to VMs. This may or may not be useful for mailman and
matrix. Regarding matrix I'm not sure if the performance is sufficient,
but it's likely perfectly fine for mailman.

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