[arch-devops] Let's get a big build box

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Fri Jan 25 13:30:43 UTC 2019

On Wed, 23 Jan 2019 at 14:33, Andrew Crerar <andrew at crerar.io> wrote:

> On 1/23/19 11:55 AM, Florian Pritz via arch-devops wrote:
> > On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 09:30:04AM +0100, Bartłomiej Piotrowski via
> arch-devops <arch-devops at lists.archlinux.org> wrote:
> >> Almost 500€ a month is complete overkill for what we do and what we
> >> actually need.
> >
> > 500€ per month does indeed sound like too much.
> I'd have to agree here... Another thing to consider is what the average
> monthly
> donation totals are for the distro. Even if we went with something beefy
> because
> "why not", my concern would be around sustaining it long term. That is,
> once the
> large sum we have burns down, do we have enough in monthly donations to
> keep it
> going...
> I don't have insight in the accounting side of things but I would be
> surprised
> if we total more than 500€/month on average.
> Just some commentary from the peanut gallery ;)
> Regards,
> Andrew
Well, people seem to be overwhelmingly of the opinion that 500€/month is
too much. In that case, I put forth the next best contender, the Hetzner
AX160-NVMe at 164€/month base price. At its base configuration, it has half
the memory, half the disk space and roughly half the compute power of the
server I originally put forth but it's also 1/3 the price at this

Given that we'd trade it for current soyuz at 54€/month, it means we'd pay
110€/month extra.

What do you guys think about that?
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