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Christian Rebischke Chris.Rebischke at archlinux.org
Tue Mar 12 18:24:48 UTC 2019

On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 09:49:07PM +0700, Sven-Hendrik Haase via arch-devops wrote:
>    So what do you guys think about this? I think it's pretty good and we
>    should jump on it. We can't post on Twitter as we don't have access to
>    that. How about instead offering them to put their logo on the site?
>    In case anyone is wondering, the price would be 16.4€ per month.

I think "sorry, we don't have access to our own arch linux twitter
account" sounds really awkward (especially to marketeers). If I would be
the marketeer over 1000 alarm bells would ring in my head, when I hear
that distribution/company XY has no access to their own social media.

I Suggest we get control over that arch linux twitter account and maybe
over the facebook page as well. We could argue with copyright
violations, because of our Arch Linux trademark.

However, I like the idea to put the hetzner logo on our website. You
could argue with mentions on reddit (~80k subscribers) and a good
fanbase as well. Furthermore most of our Staff has personal twitter
accounts. For me it would be no problem to retweet the official arch
linux one or just mention it by my self :)

Thanks for your work.

Chris / shibumi
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