[arch-devops] Devops meeting summary - 09/10

Phillip Smith fukawi2 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 01:03:25 UTC 2019

On Tue, 15 Oct 2019 at 11:11, Sven-Hendrik Haase via arch-devops <
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> FluxBB upstream support and maintenance is doubtful at this point and
> probably going to decrease only from this point forward. We considered many
> alternatives but basically, it turns out that there's only really NodeBB
> and Discourse. Just to be clear: We're also unhappy about that fact but it
> doesn't seem like many people are developing modern forums anymore.
> However, we're also unhappy with the security implications of an
> unmaintained FluxBB. Additionally, it doesn't seem to do SAML or OpenID
> Connect-based auth either, so we'd have to hack that in.

What about phpBB? It appears to still be maintained (last release 20th
Sept), and it appears to support LDAP for SSO.
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