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Christian Rebischke Chris.Rebischke at archlinux.org
Fri Apr 10 15:14:10 UTC 2020

Dear Devops Team,

I had a discussion with grazzolini around a status Arch Linux website.
You may know, that this is on my wish list for several months now.
But first let me reiterate the problem I want to solve with this:

1. this is not a replacement for your existing monitoring.

2. It should be available on status.archlinux.org for serving as simple
status website, that people can inform theirself if a maintenance is
running or if the AUR is down or whatever.

3. bonus points if we can access an API and use it as another monitoring
channel (if our main monitoring goes down, we will at least get

4. The status website should be HA, so even if the whole arch
infrastructure explodes, people can still access this website and inform
theirself through a safe channel.


So I've looked around a bit and tested different providers.
After digging through the web I landed on https://uptimerobot.org.

I think uptimerobot is a nice option for us, because of several reasons:

1. they have a free plan.

2. they support multiple scans like HTTP(S), Keyword, Ping, Port

3. They provide a free status website (this is important, because
status.io or statuspage.io don't do this).

4. They are HA (they are behind cloudflare)


Some bad facts about uptimerobot:

1. Maintenance mode is only supported in pro-mode (7$ per month), but we
could hack around this via setting a different title on the page (but
then the Arch Linux logo will disappear).

2. Heartbeat tests are only supported in pro-mode

3. They allow only one login, so we would need to setup a generic login
(bonus point: they support 2FA at least).

If you want to see how such a status website would look like, have a
look here:

https://stats.uptimerobot.com/vmM5ruWEAB (with Arch Linux Logo)

This is one with just a text title:


All best

Chris / shibumi
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