[arch-devops] Stepping down from DevOps

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Sat Aug 1 13:04:55 UTC 2020


As you have probably noticed, my involvement in DevOps tasks has dwindled
in recent months. I have given away a few tasks to others already, but
since I hardly use my root access any more, I think it is finally time
to officially open up the spot and let someone else take over.

Back when we started the DevOps team nearly 5 years ago (good god, time
flies), Allan asked me if I wanted to lead the "infrastructure team"
(old name). I am glad that I have never needed to use the team leader
hat since we could discuss pretty much every problem and reach an
agreement. Given that things have worked so well in the past, I'm
inclined to simply discontinue the (unused) team leader hat. Considering
how little, well, actually not at all, I have used the hat, most people
are probably not even aware of it, so this feel like the most logical
choice. I think having a core team of active people that discuss the
issues and then come to an agreement has worked well in the past and it
is something worth keeping.

I'm still amazed by what you guys accomplished over the last year and I
hope that making space and letting others join will only allow the team
to be even more awesome!

All that said, please disable my root access and remove me from the
various infrastructure/devops/root related email aliases and services
(kanboard and gitlab come to mind). Please do keep me on the
mirrors at archlinux.org alias for now though since I still handle mirror
related requests. I also see that I am the only one on the
dmarc-reports@ alias. If nobody is interested in the reports, please
remove the relevant line from the DMARC DNS entry in the archlinux.org
zone. Also, please remove my email address from the explicit hetzner
contact list. If you think of anything else that I forgot, please
disable it or, if in doubt, feel free to ask on IRC if I still need it.

Thanks for the journey!

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