[arch-devops] gemini.archlinux.org set up

Sven-Hendrik Haase svenstaro at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 09:06:01 UTC 2020

Hey y'all,

I just finished up setting up gemini.archlinux.org which will serve as the
new repos and archive host as orion.archlinux.org is getting way too small
for this. gemini should easily serve us for the next decade or two given
our current rate of growth.

It now needs the archive and repo data migrated to it and then we need to
do the actual switchover. For users (packagers, that is), not much should
actually change except for an SSH warning. We'll inform you about new host
keys once this is switched over.

After the initial data sync, we need to set up the actual tools that allow
for repo operation (mainly dbscripts and I believe some parts of archweb)
and then switch the DNS. We'll likely disallow package updating for a short
critical switch over period to make sure we are perfectly synced but this
is yet to be coordinated.

The machine is an Intel E3-1270 v3 with 32GiB of ECC DDR3 and 4*10TiB in
BTRFS RAID6 for an effective 20TiB of usable space. I know, this seems
daring given BTRFS's history but we looked at the recent stability
improvements of BTRFS RAID56 and it now seems stable enough for production
usage. At any rate, we have backups.

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