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Wouldn't this be a good time to consider starting to adopt functional based
names instead of non-descriptive themed names?


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> Hey y'all,
> I just finished up setting up gemini.archlinux.org which will serve as
> the new repos and archive host as orion.archlinux.org is getting way too
> small for this. gemini should easily serve us for the next decade or two
> given our current rate of growth.
> It now needs the archive and repo data migrated to it and then we need to
> do the actual switchover. For users (packagers, that is), not much should
> actually change except for an SSH warning. We'll inform you about new host
> keys once this is switched over.
> After the initial data sync, we need to set up the actual tools that allow
> for repo operation (mainly dbscripts and I believe some parts of archweb)
> and then switch the DNS. We'll likely disallow package updating for a short
> critical switch over period to make sure we are perfectly synced but this
> is yet to be coordinated.
> The machine is an Intel E3-1270 v3 with 32GiB of ECC DDR3 and 4*10TiB in
> BTRFS RAID6 for an effective 20TiB of usable space. I know, this seems
> daring given BTRFS's history but we looked at the recent stability
> improvements of BTRFS RAID56 and it now seems stable enough for production
> usage. At any rate, we have backups.
> Cheers,
> Sven
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