[arch-devops] Meeting Thursday 7th May 19:30 UTC - 21:30 CEST

Jelle van der Waa jelle at vdwaa.nl
Wed May 6 21:18:36 UTC 2020

Hi all,

For this meeting the topics to discuss are:

* Orion - I/O issues due to the archiving, disk space currently low and
runs a ton of services which all generate I/O.

The biggest storage usage offenders on orion are:
- /srv/archive - 2.2 TB
- /srv/ftp - 142 GiB
- /srv/ftp/sources 64 GiB
- /srv/svntogit 2.1 GiB

The archive for packages is created by dbscripts, the real issue is the
non-maintained "archivetools" for creating the daily repositories and
iso releases.

Heftig thought about reworking how archive should use btrfs subvolumes
instead of rsync hardlinks, the
archive is giant and rsync has to create an enormous amount of
hardlinks, snapshot the previous day, then rsync over the kitchen sink,
same thing just without link-dest or just keep the "kitchen sink" itself
in a subvolume.

Another idea is to later switch to a managed storagebox for the archive.

* Periodically running btrfs scrub (heftig)

* Clean up, re-order kanboard https://kanboard.archlinux.org/board/1 as
requested by heftig

* Fosshost.org wants to sponsor a box 8 vCPU, 8 GB ram.

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