[arch-events] Southeast Linuxfest 2009

Jeremy Sands cto at jeremysands.com
Wed May 6 18:25:10 EDT 2009

Howdy.   I'm the Speaker Coordinator for the Southeast Linuxfest (  
http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org ).

Does ArchLinux have any community outreach programs?    Are any ArchLinux  
developers/users planning on or interested in attending?    I will  
consider footing the bill for an ArchLinux booth, but I will be too busy  
dealing with speakers all day to actually man the booth.   So for me to  
consider it, there has to be people actually willing to run the booth ...  
bring a bunch of ArchLinux CDs ... maybe some schwag ... etc.

I really love ArchLinux and want them to have some sort of presence at  
this event.   Does this interest anybody?

Jeremy Sands

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