[arch-events] Dieters, Dusty's and maybe your trip to the Niagara falls (was: Archcon: planning of activities)

Dusty Phillips dusty at archlinux.ca
Tue Jul 6 13:55:27 EDT 2010

> Any specific reason for doing the falls before the conf? Like, in the
> weekend there are more tourists in the area, or what?

It'll be crowded any day of the week, at that time of year, but
weekends will certainly be crazy. My main reason for keeping the
weekend free is that I am *guessing* that most conference goers will
not be doing the Niagara trip because it's a long ways out and people
who are only coming for a couple days extra (unlike you and I) will
want to spend that time doing "many things" in Toronto, rather than
one thing travelling to the falls.

> I found these organised tours, which are supposedly pretty good:
> http://www.toursinniagara.com/tour_info.html
> But also, Barbara (the woman of my bed and breakfast) also does a
> niagara falls tour, we get more input in the program (we can
> stay longer in the evening, eat where we want, etc).  If you want, I can
> forward you some mails with more info.
> There's also a dude who did some further recommendations for things to
> do at the Falls (such as "create your own trip"), see the comments at
> http://dieter.plaetinck.be/off_to_toronto_july_14-28_Archcon
> If it were up to me I think I would take Barbara's tour, but surely you
> guys know the area better (Loui and Ricardo reading?), so I want your
> input!

I've been to the falls twice (I love it there, that's why I'll go back
with you :-D), once a friend drove my sister and I down there, and the
second time, some friends and I went down on the Greyhound (bus
service). It hadn't crossed my mind to do a tour, however, Greyhound
tickets are $20-$30 one way, and don't include any of the attractions
in Niagara or a city bus pass or taxi fare from the Greyhound station
to the falls, so $60 or so for a tour is a good deal.

So I agree that Barbara's tour might be the best way to go. Would be
fairly relaxed, and we'll probably see more stuff that way.

So, summary, my votes:
* You and I attending for sure, not sure if anyone else would join us
* sometime before the conference, rather than on the weekend after
* barbara's tour sounds good.


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