[arch-events] Places to sleep and eat.

R. Alvez ralvez at ittwo.ca
Sun Jun 27 21:14:19 EDT 2010

 There are many places to eat and sleep in the vicinity of Humber College.
Some are very close to Humber and others are not so close.
For starters Dieter, how many people are with you? Are you on your own
or are you coming along with someone else?
I know some people that may help us get a better rate on some of the
hotels in town but I need to know how may people there would be involved.

Aside from the food at Humber there are a few other places near by such
as "Mr Greek" which is obviously Greek food (and BTW is great !!) and
VERY affordable. It is also a nice environment.

About 5 min from Humber there is also "Mandarin" with outstanding
all-you can-eat  Chinese food. I go to both places frequently with my
wife and some
of my buddies.

Aside from those places, just across from Humber, there is a small mall
and there is a restaurant that serves relatively decent food (this is
also an
oriental food place, all-you-can-eat type of restaurant) .

If you want to visit Toronto I can provide you, and those of you that
wish to visit, with some more detailed places to eat and visit.
Naturally, these
places are much further out from where we will be (say 1 hr  by bus) but
if you are visiting that should not be a problem. Downtown Toronto has
a ton of places to visit and enjoy good food at a reasonable price.

Let me know.


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