[arch-events] Archcon: when do you arrive and depart?

Dusty Phillips dusty at archlinux.ca
Sat Jun 26 17:06:49 EDT 2010

On 26 June 2010 04:47, Dieter Plaetinck <dieter at plaetinck.be> wrote:
> My idea is to come to toronto 10-14 days, to make the jetlag/long
> flight/.. a bit more worth it.  I haven't found a companion for a road
> trip/tourist stuff/camping/.. for the non-conf days like i was hoping,
> so I will just hang around and see what happens.
> Anyway, I still have to choose a start and departure date, so I was
> wondering when you guys will come and go. So, other then 22/23 (conf
> talks) and 24/25 (conf tourist stuff), are there any days that
> anyone would want to do something?

I am arriving in Toronto on the 14th, I think, and leaving on the 26th
or 27th. Most of the people I have talked to are coming on the 21 and
leaving on the 26th.

I will be somewhat busy while in Toronto, with Tai Chi training, but
I'm open to joining any groups that want to do some touring. Dieter
and I will probably taking a day to go to  visit Niagara falls, so if
anyone wants to join us, let's discuss whether to do that before or
after the conference!


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