[arch-general] Change kernel version or module dir at bootprompt?

James Rayner iphitus at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 01:05:46 EST 2007

On Sat, December 1, 2007 04:46, Gerhard Brauer wrote:
> Hello,
> i've searched a while and found nothing. And AFAIK there isnt't an
> chance to do this. But maybe one of you know a trick, a magic...
> Is it possible to change either the kernel version (what uname -r says)
> or the location of the kernel modul dir at boottime?
> I think about an easy solution to backup an arch kernel with it's
> modules.
> But since the kernel version is fix and releated to the module dir one
> could not simply copy /lib/modules/foo.bar to ex.
> /lib/modules/foo.bar-backup.
> Anyone knows a trick?

the kernel version is also embedded into the individual modules, so you'd
have to modify the kernel and every module. You might be able to do some
ugly sed trickery, but I really discourage it -- you're asking for
trouble.. and it probably won't work.

For a 2.6.22 to 2.6.23 type change though, yes you could just backup the
kernel and modules before upgrading, upgrade, rename the kernel vmlinuz
and put them back again -- though they'd then be out of pacman's control.

Why would you want to do something like this anyway?

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