[arch-general] Change kernel version or module dir at bootprompt?

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 05:11:42 EST 2007

On Sat, Dec 01, 2007 at 05:05:46PM +1100, James Rayner wrote:
> the kernel version is also embedded into the individual modules, so you'd
> have to modify the kernel and every module. You might be able to do some
> ugly sed trickery, but I really discourage it -- you're asking for
> trouble.. and it probably won't work.
> For a 2.6.22 to 2.6.23 type change though, yes you could just backup the
> kernel and modules before upgrading, upgrade, rename the kernel vmlinuz
> and put them back again -- though they'd then be out of pacman's control.
> Why would you want to do something like this anyway?

For a faster and easier restoring in case 2.6.23 doesn't boot?
I thought that always having two kernel entries, one of them known to work,
was a good and safe practice.
I'm not saying this is a critical problem to fix, because :
1) kernels don't break that often
2) booting with a livecd and fixing stuff there isn't that hard

But it's still a problem. There was a request for a fallback kernel, but it
was apparently rejected :

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