[arch-general] Kernel Module Package Guidelines

Michael Towers gradgrind at online.de
Sun Dec 2 05:15:02 EST 2007

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> On Dec 1, 2007 12:10 AM, Michael Towers <gradgrind at online.de> wrote:
>> I recently posted a feature request for the aufs dependency on
>> aufs-utils to be removed (because the latter is not necessary for using
>> aufs). The bug was closed by the maintainer because "This is the
>> standard way of packaging modules in Arch:
>> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernel_Module_Package_Guidelines".
>> Of course he was right: "... make sure nvidia depends on nvidia-utils ..."
>> It's maybe a rather small point, but to me this requirement seems a bit
>> excessive. I would suggest rephrasing this to:
>> "... if nvidia-utils is required for the use of nvidia, make sure nvidia
>> depends on nvidia-utils ..."
> Arch has never been in the business of satisfying one user because "I
> like it this way instead". In fact, that's what makes us unique. We do
> things the way WE see fit, and give YOU the tools to change what you
> don't like.
> Feel free to recompile aufs via ABS (or even yaourt) if you'd like to
> remove the dep
> In fact, if you use srcpac, you can install it with a sed line in the
> config, and srcpac -Syu will fix it every time.
> Like I said - we provide the tools. I just gave you three options.
> It's up to you to use one of them, or make a 4th option
Sorry if I somehow caused offence. I don't want to start a fight! But I 
would have preferred an answer along the lines of ... "The reason this 
dependency must be there is ...".

In the case of aufs it is of course something I can work around (I 
already have), I was just under the impression that unnecessary 
dependencies were generally undesirable in Arch.

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