[arch-general] problem compiling for i586 with new makepkg

Karolina Lindqvist karolina.lindqvist at kramnet.se
Mon Dec 17 14:43:40 EST 2007

lördag 15 december 2007 skrev Travis Willard:
> Just a hint, since you were looking to add i586 - find and sed are
> your friends. :D
> find -name PKGBUILD -exec sed -i '/^arch=/ { /i586/ !{
> s/^arch=(/arch=(i586 / } }' {} \;
> That will find every PKGBUILD and add i586 to the packages that don't
> already have it.  Yay!

Actually it will not, since 749 PKGBUILDs from abs does not have an "arch=" 
line. :-)

But with my friend emacs I fixed that problem in about a minute.


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