[arch-general] IRC Spammer / Impersonator

Matthew mezoko at mezoko.net
Thu Dec 27 13:23:35 EST 2007

This morning I was informed by a TU via Private Message on IRC that 
there were spammer impersonating me. He first ask what happened last 
night and as I had no idea what he was talking about this was when I 
first discovered what happened.

There are some wonderful people (for lack of a nicer term) who think its 
funny to impersonate me and spam the channel.

My hostname is almost always adsl-75-33-32-137.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net 
very rarely do I connect to IRC using a different net connection 
(usually just ssh into my home box). The ip is dynamic so it will 
change, but it should match with mezoko.net

I think these spammers are ajnewbold and impl. They helped me out with 
some php coding about a year ago. They were nice people, but they slowly 
started pull crap on me and I didn't put up with so I think this their 

**Ajnewbold and impl (he was under the alias of "hary" something, I 
don't remember) spammed the channel about a week ago so I'm not sure if 
they'll stop, hence the reason for this posting.

So basically I want to clear up a few things
     1. The spammers last night were not me
     2. If username mezoko does not have a host name similar to 
dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net there is a good chance it is not me
    3. To any TU/OP/Dev please do not ban my user name from IRC, please 
ban the hostname if the problem arises again.

Thank you all for your understanding,

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