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Alessio Bolognino themolok.ml at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 12:48:13 EDT 2008

On Mon 2008-04-07 00:07 , Thomas Bächler wrote:
> RedShift schrieb:
>> Thomas Bächler wrote:
>>> I am hacking initscripts and can't quite decide on two issues:
>>> 1) I'd like to hardcode /dev/pts/ mounting in rc.sysinit.
>> What's wrong with putting that in fstab? What if I don't want to have that 
>> mounted? So instead of modified fstab I'd have to mess with rc.sysinit 
>> everytime the initscripts get upgraded? This is the same discussion as 
>> with moving lo to rc.sysinit instead of leaving it in rc.conf. Uterly 
>> pointless.
> The point is, everyone needs it mounted. Your system will be completely 
> useless without devpts (as it is without the lo interface).
> However, I know your opinion on these issues. Are there any rational 
> reasons not to hardcode devpts?

Thomas, if you are afraid that users could remove that line from fstab, why
don't you just put a "# Warning, do not remove these lines unless you really
know what you are doing" or something like that? I think this will reduce
complexity of rc.sysinit (not very much, I have to admit :)

Anyway, this thread is gone crazy, I hate when people attack devs for a minor
issue like this one: whatever Thomas and the other devs will decide to do, it
will be fine for me and should be fine for everyone. Seriously, this won't ever
affect anyone's system.

This thread started with "should I edit one line in a file?" and ended with
"ZOMG, the ubuntu revolution is coming, arch way for teh win, I hate where Arch
is going, oldfags > newfags".

Alessio (molok) Bolognino

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